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I can’t stop laughing at Harry running the fuck away, the boy who lived ladies and gentlemen.

….You realize, of course, that Hermione Granger lit a teacher on fire when she was eleven, and kept a person alive in a jar for a year when she was fourteen, and studies dark and forbidden magics for kicks, and is one of the brightest and strongest witches of her era. If she came at me, even wandless, I would aparate to Neptune to get away from her.

Hermione Granger also: 

  • punched Draco Malfoy in the nose for being an idiot 
  • purposefully performed a confundus charm on whatshsface WHILE HE WAS FLYING just so Ron would win (omfg that is so fucking dangerous) 
  • literally pulled a fucking Bourne Identity on her parents and managed to set them up in fucking Australia (jesus christ she literally made it so that she NEVER EXISTED wtf that’s so fucking 007)
  • Convinced the Ministry of Magic to give her an incredibly dangerous and volatile device that allowed her to ALTER TIMELINES COMPLETELY (just because she was so smart, literally, that is the reason, her “potential”) 
  • Has enough basic survival skills and badass magic to literally disappear to the middle of nowhere and flourish AND figure out Voldemort’s plot with Harry 
  • Hermione also figures out not only what Voldemort’s plan is, but generally how to beat it, WAY BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER DOES. Why? because she is just that much smarter and better at magic than everybody else

in conclusion: Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad. 

Can we rehave this series with hermione as the protagonist. 

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No Electronics Before Bed

Is working for me. I feel more relaxed as I’m going to bed, my brain is definitely quieter for the most part although last night as I texted a friend “My body is all sleeeeep and my brain is all PAAAARTAY!”. Then he said he was struggling with the same thing. So there’s that lol. For the record I don’t usually text either but last night the chance of sleep was slim to hell hath frozen over.

Though my insomnia has improved with the no electronics at least an hour before bed. That isn’t to say that it will work for everyone who suffers, or that it will fix others sleep solutions but for me? It is helping and that’s the whole point. Just like in 2001 when I cut out caffeinated beverages, and started drinking diet 7 up, 7up or decaf tea. It worked for me, and yes I know there is caffeine still in decaf tea and that they can’t get it all out but on the other hand it has helped me tremendously that I don’t mainline it like I use to. Trust me, I use to drink coke by the gallons, but since stopping? I don’t miss it.

On another note, I really dislike when someone tells me that x,y,z worked for them and if I did it too I’d see the same results. Uh…no. Also just because x,y.z worked for you doesn’t mean its going to work for anyone else or even in the same way. I think if people were more accepting of people’s differences in this world we wouldn’t be in such a mess.



I’ve been struggling lately with a number of things. Mostly how to resolve in my head that the chronic pain issues that I have are not going away. I have struggled since I was 2 and a 1/2 with pain. I have been to many specialists, had multiple tests, been poked, prodded and have had tubes shoved down my throat at age 7. After all of that, the end result is: “You have pain and inflammation somewhere in your body but we can’t tell you where or what the cause is….”

I also have been recently within the last year diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have been on medication for same. It has helped a lot for me, that plus counseling. I am beginning to take care of me which is always a good thing. I’ve started saying no to things that I either cannot do or will wipe me out in the longterm.

Part of what sort of turned it all around was talking to a friend of mine about the BS of being injured and how people think you’re having a freaking picnic because you’re off work. It really sucks because having my back injured and being off work was not pleasant. I would have traded anyone being laid up on my back in pain, only barely touched by pain medication. No, it was not fun, not I was not lucky, no I did not enjoy my time off being in misery, no I did not like the fact that for two months I was not earning any income whatsoever and had to rely on savings.

So I learned when to say no, I learned when to take time for me and to do what I needed to do. One thing people who do not have chronic conditions don’t seem to realize is the finite amount of energy we have. We are not being selfish by saying no or taking care of ourselves. I wish more people realized that as I cannot fit your ideals or anyone else. Also, because I did it yesterday definitely does not mean I can do it today.

It has been a struggle as it affects everything in my life. A friend of mine posted on FB about the ALS challenge and how its a slacktivism activity and how there are more ‘worthy’ things you can do for a cause. I called him out or the article out about the abelist language. Not everyone can just ‘get up’ and do things.

Do what you can. Sometimes talking about, writing about, or even researching about topics helps more than people realize. Also given how technology has expanded even in the last 10 years it has given those who cannot participate in the way society deems normal, a voice, and a way to communicate, and participate without overtaxing themselves. 


In a great tree on a great cliff in the Moor lived one such spirit. You might take her for a girl. But she was not just any girl. She was a fairy and her name was Maleficent.

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*mic drop*

this is the best thing i’ve ever seen



*mic drop*

this is the best thing i’ve ever seen

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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